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Nice Guys Finish First

Published on April 6, 2012 By bobdob

Nice Guys Finish First is a documentary by Richard Dawkins which discusses selfishness and cooperation, arguing that evolution often favors co-operative behaviour, and focusing especially on the tit for tat strategy of the prisoner’s dilemma game. The film was produced by Jeremy Taylor. The twelfth chapter in Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene (added in the […]

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace – Episode 2: The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts

Published on June 1, 2011 By bobdob

A series of films exploring the idea that we have been colonised by the machines we have built. Although we don’t realise it, the way we see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers. This is the story of how our modern scientific idea of nature, the self-regulating ecosystem, is […]

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